The 8 best food storage containers to buy in 2022

2022-11-24 01:23:34 By : Ms. Luna Rae

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The 8 best food storage containers to buy in 2022

The day after, when leftovers are aplenty and prep time is as simple as a few minutes in the microwave.

We really do love leftovers here, not only for their ease and deliciousness, but also to prevent food waste. According to 2022 numbers from Feeding America, 108 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States alone. We know simply eating your cold pizza the morning after a party doesn’t drastically effect this, but it does do a part to help fight food waste as a whole.

Back to the fridge for a second, leftovers can be a tricky art to master, as some foods are harder to store, like fresh fruits and veggies that are subject to getting squishy, and breads and pastries that can get moldy before the loaf is finished.

To help you avoid sticky situations in the fridge and prevent mold from eating your food before you can, we rounded up the best leftovers and food storage containers you can buy online and ship right to your door. Good timing, too, as with Thanksgiving and Christmas on the horizon, the time for leftovers is right now.

Read on for the best airtight food storage containers and bundles to get your fridge, freezer and pantry ready for the 2022 holidays and beyond.

This set of leftover containers is an all-in-one kit that will get your fridge ready for anything. The Rubbermaid brand is a top pick for many, with over 1,000 reviews and a nearly five-star rating. This set is leak-proof, microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe, and has an air-proof seal.

Glass? Plastic? Get a bit of both with this set. The Pyrex brand collection is a highly reviewed one, with 19,000 ratings and counting and a 4.8 star rating out of five. The containers come in both circles and rectangles to best fit in any fridge, and are dishwasher, microwave, fridge and freezer safe to help you store and reheat any type of leftover.

Want to take your food right from the table to the fridge and then off to work? Then use these storage containers and be on your way! The set includes easy to use and pack pouches, cups, bowls and more, that are all dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

All glass everything. This is the way to go for freshness and the ultimate food safety. This Home Depot set has both glass bases and lids that snap into place for an airtight seal every time. The set is also oven safe, in addition to microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe.

Don’t let freezer burn ruin perfectly good leftovers. Instead, make sure to be using airtight freezer bags for your meat, produce, fish and any other food you aren’t quite ready to eat yet. This set is fully reusable and made of extra thick material to prevent any leaks.

There is nothing worse that going to grab a slice of bread from the bag, only to see mold has made its way in. Keep your bread fresh longer with a bread box from Bodum. This one comes with a cutting board base, too, perfect for slicing right in the box.

Don’t forget about your coffee grounds, tea, freeze dried snack and more. Mylar bags are a great way to keep those things super fresh in the fridge or freezer, and this set of 100 also comes with 100 bags of oxygen absorber packets to preserve your food even better.

All of our hugs and kisses go to OXO for this set. The very aesthetically pleasing set of containers from OXO are perfect for any pantry leftovers, like that half-used box of pasta or beans spilling from the plastic bag at the back of your cabinet. The containers are made of stainless steel, silicone and plastic, with an airtight seal and a stackable design to save room.

The 8 best food storage containers to buy in 2022

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