RUSAL's aluminum-scandium alloy is included in the Russian Maritime Register

2021-11-24 04:26:06 By : Mr. Sean Song

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RUSAL, the world's leading aluminum producer, has announced that the aluminum-scandium alloy developed by the company will be included in the Russian Maritime Register. The advantages of the new alloy are reduced weight and reduced environmental impact.

The Classification Society of the Russian Maritime Safety Administration revised the "Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Ships" and the "Rules for Technical Supervision in the Process of Ship Construction and Ship Materials and Products Manufacturing." In accordance with these changes, the aluminum scandium alloy 1581 (Al-Mg-S?) developed by Rusal has now been included in the relevant sections of the rules, including the requirements for welded joints.

The characteristics of the new alloy semi-finished products will reduce the weight of ship parts and reduce fuel consumption, thereby minimizing the impact on the environment. "The addition of Rusal's new alloy to the maritime register enables engineers to use semi-finished products in the design phase. This is very important for such a dynamic and growing shipbuilding industry in Russia and the world," said Victor Mann, Technical Director of Rusal .

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In April, RUSAL launched ScAlution, a new brand of aluminum scandium solutions. Due to its technical, physical and mechanical qualities, the alloy helps reduce vehicle weight, fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions. All aluminum consumer industries need these alloys.

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